Urban Visualization

VAIRoma: A Time Based Visual Analytics Interface for Art and Architecture in Rome

Throughout the humanities, emerging digital technologies have begun to offer researchers powerful new tools with which to assemble and analyze archival materials. At UNC Charlotte, the Digital Arts Center in the College of Arts + Architecture, and the Charlotte Visualization Center in the College of Computing and Informatics propose to create a working prototype of a time based visual analytics tool, VAIRoma, (Visual Analytic Interface for Roma) that will focus upon the study of historical data in the city of Rome.

The Whole Story: Building the Complete History of a Place

In this paper, we discuss how one can build a visual analytics system to comprehensively describe a place throughout its many interconnected histories. We discuss the needed 4D data structure, the analytics techniques, and the interactive visualizations. This combination of automated and interactive techniques can be brought together into a new, powerful capability. We focus on the example of Rome and, more specifically, on its architectural/cultural history.