Syntax2D: An Open Source Software Platform for Space Syntax Analysis

For space syntax researchers, software is an essential tool for the analysis of spatial configuration. Unfortunately, the proprietary nature of most of this software can inhibit innovation within the field. Without the ability to examine others' source code, we lose a potential resource for learning and an additional point of verification for peer review. Moreover, without a common base of code, researchers must constantly duplicate existing efforts when developing new software. As a result of proprietary policies, many spatial analysis programs end up limited in scope and become difficult to maintain as their authors move on to other research. The development of space syntax is hindered as long as software remains closed and fragmented. Towards this end, the University of Michigan has developed an open source platform for spatial analysis: Syntax2D. This software currently features a robust interface, combining existing measures such as isovist, graph, and axial analysis with newer features for path analysis. Our goal is for Synax2D to become a collection point for researchers, unifying diffierent methods of analysis within a single application. With the software and source code freely available, Syntax2D is an opportunity for the space syntax community to share and build upon their work across a common framework.